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Hi,  I”m Karen (aka “gardenlady etc”).  I live on Table Rock Lake in a little ‘fishy cabin’ that I named “Little Cedars”.  I grew up on a farm in Tennessee and I love the country.  After many years, cities, houses and miles,  I’m finally a ‘country girl’ again.

Little Cedars–where life is “mud-lucious”, “puddle-wonderful”, eagles soar, & time flies 🙂

I am starting this ‘Little Cedars’ weblog to share the adventures and sometimes mis-adventures of daily life at Little Cedars.  Along the way, I’ll publish lots of photos and tell you about things I’m doing here.  Sometimes, it’s a little like “Green Acres” around here and I’m sure I’ll have lots of those ‘do as I SAY not as I DID’ days to share.  Hey, it keeps the locals entertained. 🙂

I’m sure I won’t be able to resist letting you know my opinion about something from time to time.  But I’ll try not to be too controversial or philosophical.  I have a friend who often tells me, “Why don’t you let us know what you really think Karen’.

My business, Gardening on the Rocks or GOTR for short, is located at Little Cedars.  I am a garden designer, garden coach, and writer.  I have tons of photos and lots of ideas to share.  

The website for my business is www.gardeningontherocks.com, and I welcome your visits.  At the Gardening on the Rocks site you will find in-depth articles on water-wise native plants and perennials and information about SITES the Sustainable Sites Initiative guidelines for developing sustainable gardens.  GOTR is a resource for Zones 5,6, and 7b.  It will highlight organic gardening and sustainable gardening practices which will attract ‘good’ insects  and wildlife to your gardens. You can contact me via the website to submit questions and comments.

In my spare time, I love to cook and I take 100’s of photographs.  Periodically, I will share my photos and publish some of my ‘Southern gal’ recipes like turnip greens and scalded corn bread.  I’ll use photos and step-by-step instructions for all the ‘nu-b’s’ just learning to cook.

I’m sure I will mention my family from time to time.  They are:  my two sons, Mike and Shane; my husband, Tony (Anthony to anyone in his family reading this); my rescue pups: Mr. Louie, Miss Elle (aka Ella), Mr. Clark, Miss Emma, and Mr. Boomer; my mischievous felines, Fluffy and Casper.  And I have to include our sweet Bob (aka Jabber Jaws) who just recently went peacefully to ‘sleep’ on her favorite bed.  We will miss her constant ‘talking’ and sweet kisses.



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