Channelling Erma B. on a Beautiful Winter Day!!!

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Here goes–  Erma Bombeck I’m not.  But I’ll try not to put you to sleep! 😀

This week I just experienced my first “blizzard”–the term the weatherman used not me.  Personally, I’m thinking that the folks in Montana or Wyoming are finding great humor in our use of the term “blizzard”.   And in Boston, where they now have over 77 inches this season, they surely think we are a bunch of ‘wimps’.

I guess, like all things, the weather is relative.  There’s probably very little humor in our Missouri “blizzard” for the truckers who were stranded on I-44 for hours..

77" in Boston

The road in front of our house is covered with a layer of ice carpeted by several inches of snow.  The road is virtually an ice rink.  The only traveller that I see is our ever faithful ‘mailmam’ in her trusty little yellow Jeep.  You know the motto “through rain, sleet, or snow” really applies in her case.

Evidentally, the garbage guys don’t follow the same motto. We haven’t seen them in two weeks!  Wonder if our ‘mailmam’  would give them bad weather driving pointers?!

A Winters' Stroll @ Little Cedars

The Eagle family loves this weather.  They have a built a nest at the edge of the water in front of Little Cedars.  Mr. and Mrs. Eagle are teaching ‘Jr.’ to fly and they perform great dare-devil acts in the clouds.  They look like they are dive-bombing each other!  They are so graceful as they appear to be ‘floating’ on air.  It has been so much fun watching them search for just the right ‘stuff’ to build and repair their nest.  As they fly by, we can see them clutching branches and leaves.

‘Jr.’ is learning to sit in the Oak tree by the edge of the water in front of Little Cedars and watch for a fish.  We have seen him swoop into the water and come up with a fish and then speed to the nest to tell ‘Mom’.  Unfortunately, the only pic that I have of them is not very clear.  As soon as I get a good one, I’ll share.

Our smaller feathered friends are happy that we brave the ice and snow in our trusty mukluks to keep their feeders full.  I know they must have a ‘telegraph’ system for miles because all of our ‘regulars’ have invited all their family members and friends!  It looks like a ‘bird convention’ on my front porch.:-)

Cardinal on Frosted Branches

'Winter Bird Convention'

A Tree Decorated with Cardinals

I hope you are also collecting some beautiful memories of these beautiful snowy days.

Keep Smiling.  Karen 😀


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