Come Back Snow!!! I need you.

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A couple of 40 degree days and sunshine and the the snow starts retreating to reveal……..

"Lawn Art"

NO– this is not my yard!! 😀

One of the many pluses of snow, other that its astounding beauty, is that it provides a blanket to hide my multitude of ‘sins’.  The major one being my ‘junque’ (not ‘junk’–it’s special ‘junque’) that I have collected for my ‘3 million’ projects. All of which are started and for a myriad of reasons aren’t finished.

You know– the plants that are still in their little black plastic pots because they never discovered how to plant themselves– the mountain of empty pots belonging to those lucky plants that did find a ‘home’ last season and are awaiting the trip to the recycle bin– the rock steps that lead to nowhere are waiting to find their destination– the tools that never ‘walked’ themselves up the hill to the garden shed– the stacks of concrete blocks waiting to become a water feature or a wall (another decision!)……etc.

You gardeners out there, you understand.   Keep smiling.  Karen 😀

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Welcome to Little Cedars! I'm Karen aka gardenladyetc. I live on Table Rock Lake with all my 'furry friends' and family. I hope to share this 'little bit of heaven' with with you through my photos and posts. I am a garden designer, southern cook, writer and rescuer of 'furry friends'. My favorite quote is: "The most wasted of days is one without laughter." E.E. Cummings Keep Smiling. :-) Karen
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