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Oh well– no need to worry about those ‘sins’ I wrote about yesterday just yet.  After lamenting about the warm weather chasing my snow camouflage away, I awakened to the most beautiful of snows!  Sometime in the early dawn hours, the snow began falling and it is still peppering down at 9am.  It looks like we have about 3″ already and it does not appear to be slowing down.  These flakes are very fine but so dense that it has formed a ‘snow cloud’ and I cannot see the lake.  As I sit at the dining room table, I am surrounded by snow laden trees and it feels surreal.  It is as if I am suspended in a cloud of snow and surrounded by white glistening diamonds.

Winter Snow on Table Rock Lake

This will be another day for snow romps and photo ‘opps’ with Louie and Elle.  The snow is about 6″ or so now.  Casper and Fluffy do not have snowshoes so they will have to postpone their outdoor excursion–much to their chagrin.

Louie & Elle

Louie & Elle

Keep Smiling. 😀  Karen.




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