Finally! I Get to Do the ‘Authoring’

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Hi– My name is Miss Elle, the authoress. 🙂

Miss Elle

Mom says, “There are only 24 hours in the day and I’m using 28 of them!”  She is not posting to Little Cedars because she is: trying to get updates completed on the site Gardening on the Rocks; trying to help Daddy with his site, Fish Table Rock; going to garden classes in Rogers; getting supplies for the worker men—blah,blah……….

Bottom line— I finally get to be the ‘authoress’!

The title of my story or stories, because it will be an ongoing tale, is “Miss Elle of Little Cedars & Friends”–adventures in the garden and other places.  I get to introduce you to all my bothers and sisters and friends.  And best of all, I get to tell you about some silly things that my parents do.

I’ll start by introducing you to my very big brother, Clark.  He came to live with this family in 2004 about 3 months before me.  He was about 6 months old then and since he arrived he has reached the small pony size of 120 pounds!  He has the gentlest nature and my mother dresses him like a person! Ugh… He gets to stay with Shane alot because he and my other brother Louie, whom you’ll meet later,  do not always see eye to eye:-)

I have made a slideshow of Clark just so you’ll see what a ‘ham’ he is.  Next time I’ll introduce my other brother, Mister Louie.  As mom says, Keep Smiling.   Miss Elle.


About misselle

I found my family when the dog catcher chased me into their creek and shot me with something that made me feel 'woosie'. My mom told him she would pick me up at Dr. Otts. That was six years ago. I now reign over our little world called Little Cedars. I have two doggie brothers, Louis and Clark, one kitty brother, Casper, and one kitty sister, Miss Fluffy.
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