Spring Has Sprung!

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Even though we are having a few yucky days at the moment, the previous little warm spell was enough to pop the spring flowers right up!  Hyacinth, crocus, daffodils and forsythia have been blooming for days.  The Redbuds are bursting and my lilac is almost ready to pop and it is just loaded with fragrant blooms.  I even have Fur Elise tulips blooming!

My ‘baby’ crabapple trees are setting blooms and the Cherry is in full bloom–It will be several years before they are a real show.  The ‘rule of thumb’ is that for every inch of trunk diameter of the tree you are planting — you will have the corresponding amount of years for the tree to become established (provided you plant it properly).  Therefore, a tree with a 2″ trunk diameter at planting will need approximately 2-3 years to establish a root system and really start growing.  The larger the tree the longer it will take to get established.

The beginning of Spring and watching my plants ‘come alive’ is what gardening is all about for me.  😀   I love all plants that bloom and smell but seeing plants emerge season after season, is the joy of planting perennials.  Most gardeners can’t wait to start seeing our ‘wards’ wake up and then we know that they made it through another winter.  We take pride in the fact that we had a small part in creating or caring for something that brings so much joy to ourselves and to others.

Enjoy Spring.  Remember, “the most wasted of days is a day without laughter”.

Keep Smiling.  Karen, ‘gardenlady911’.   😀

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Welcome to Little Cedars! I'm Karen aka gardenladyetc. I live on Table Rock Lake with all my 'furry friends' and family. I hope to share this 'little bit of heaven' with with you through my photos and posts. I am a garden designer, southern cook, writer and rescuer of 'furry friends'. My favorite quote is: "The most wasted of days is one without laughter." E.E. Cummings Keep Smiling. :-) Karen
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